15 Jun 2015

Remove Hair naturally

How To Remove Hair naturally
Unwanted hair can be embarrassing, but a pain to remove through waxing and shaving. More natural ways to remove hair is less painful and is more convenient. You can do this using a pumice stone. Yes, really, a pumice stone will help you to remove hair and slow the regrowth of hair on your legs, hands, and other areas. Use a pumice stone daily while bathing for the best results.
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    Take a pumice stone and make it wet before using it.
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    When you are taking a bath, apply soap or bath gel to your body.
  3. Remove Hair Naturally Step 3.jpg
    Rub the soap or bath gel with the pumice stone in circular motions until it begins to foam.
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    If you do this regularly, then within a week you will see the results